St. Louis River Named One of America’s Most Endangered

Minnesota’s St. Louis River shows up on a lot of Top 10 lists for its lush forests, great fishing, excellent canoeing, and pure water.

But the river recently made another Top 10 list that should have all Minnesotans concerned: American Rivers’ list of the nation’s most endangered rivers.

In their post explaining the designation, American Rivers unequivocally states the threats posed by PolyMet Mining’s NorthMet Project. The NorthMet Project “would destroy 1,000 acres of wetlands, and indirectly impact thousands more wetland acres.”

American Rivers also warns that approving the NorthMet project could pave the way for more sulfide mining that could cause significant environmental damage throughout the region.

Read the report from American Rivers and sign up to take action to help protect one of America’s most scenic, and endangered, rivers.

Photo of St Louis River by Robert Engberg