What This Means for Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is America’s most visited Wilderness, and a treasured part of our natural heritage. Likewise, Lake Superior and the surrounding waters are sources of enjoyment, drinking water and places to call home for Northern Minnesotans. The proposed sulfide mining sites would drain directly into the Boundary Waters, Lake Superior, and nearby waters. Sulfide mining would permanently damage this area’s pristine waters and unspoiled forests as well as other important watersheds. It is our responsibility to make sure this is not the legacy we leave to our children and grandchildren.

A Threat to Our Drinking Water

The value of clean water can’t be measured in dollar and cents–especially as sources of clean water are becoming scarcer worldwide. This risky, untested sulfide mining could contaminate important watersheds with toxic chemicals, including acid and cyanide, putting at risk the rivers, streams, lakes, and sources of drinking water for many Minnesotans.

A Threat to Public Health

Sulfide mining would pump toxic chemicals into the air we breathe. Independent studies show these mines would put more Minnesotans at risk of asthma and lung disease, especially children and the frail elderly. In fact, medical professionals like doctors and nurses oppose sulfide mining because of the consequences it would have on public health.